The Crew

The crew of Condos Cops is dedicated to creating the next big hit in reality TV. Thanks to the remarkable leadership skills of Executive Producer Mike Perez and Director Ron Satlof, the crew has quickly evolved into a professional team.
Filmed entirely in the Clearwater, Florida area, the Condo Cops’ crew captures the amazing dramas by re-creating the true stories from the files of Ameri-Tech Property Management .
See them in action on the BEHIND THE SCENES page.

Mike Perez

Executive Producer


Mike Perez, founder of the Ameri-Tech Group (Ameri-Tech Realty, Ameri-Tech Property Management, and Ameri-Tech Companies) is the Executive Producer of CONDO COPS, and one of its primary cast members. His is the task of handling the daily conflicts of condo life, from the humorous, to the heart-breaking, to the downright horrifying.

He has more than twenty-five years’ experience in property management and entrepreneurship, and his real-world experiences form the basis of the stories re-enacted for CONDO COPS. Mike is an expert marketer with a proven track record in business start-up and growth. Since 1985, he has been a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and Instructor, and a licensed Florida Community Association Manager. With more than 25,000 units under management in the Tampa Bay area, Mike brings plenty of grist for the CONDO COPS production mill!

Ron Satlof



An Academy Award and Emmy nominated director and producer with credentials in film, television, and repertory theatre. He is the Director for CONDO COPS. Long active in network TV as a producer and director, Ron produced the long-running top ten TV series “McCloud” with Dennis Weaver, for which he received an Emmy nomination. He also directed episodes of “Hawaii Five-O,” “Quincy,” and “Barnaby Jones.” He co-wrote, produce, and directed the feature film “Misconceptions,” which was released in theaters in January 2010 and is distributed in North America by Regent Releasing, an. The film is available on DVD from Amazon, Netflix and most other outlets.

Ron was a contract director at Columbia Pictures Television, where his projects included directing a two- hour TV production of “From Here to Eternity” with Don Johnson and Kim Basinger, Barbara Hershey and William Devane. Ron’s produced and directed “Spiderman Strikes Back,” which was distributed in Europe, Asia, and South America by Columbia Pictures International. It grossed more than $9-million. He directed for the TV shows “Perry Mason Returns,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Martial Law” and “Silk Stalkings.” TV pilots he’s directed include “Jake and the Fatman” with William Conrad, and “Hunter,” with Fred Dryer. He also directed the TV movie “Original Sin” with Charleton Heston and Ann Gillian

Sonia C. Lawson

Assistant Director


The 1st Assistant Director to the show’s director Ron Satlof. She is no stranger to the film and television world, having written several produced scripts, performed voiceovers for film and commercials, and was the producer of a short film earlier this year. She is thrilled to be working with Mr. Satlof, a former Hollywood director, and looks forward to its successful future in television.

She is also the series’ attorney, handling any legal matter which may arise related to the show. A 1998 graduate of Stetson University, she is a member the Florida Bar and holds both a Law Degree and a Masters in Business Administration.

Ellen M. Schnur

Producer / Writer


Ellen M. Schnur has an extensive background in advertising and marketing in television and radio.

Ellen is currently writing a Romantic Comedy script as well as a drama about her 16 year old nephew’s murder. With her writing partner she co-wrote a mystery comedy, Murder! It’s For The Birds which was nominated for Best Comedy in a Sarasota Film Festival. Their latest project is a sitcom pilot script titled Almost Legit. They have also written a movie short titled “We Three Witches” which had its premiere screening at the Gasparilla Film Festival.

She is currently the President of Florida Film Network Tampa Bay and is part of the Legislative Committee for Film Florida.

Dan Lewis

Associate Producer / Digital Media


Founder and President of web development company Profit Gate, is the Associate Producer / Digital Media for CONDO COPS. He is responsible for implementing a marketing campaign that will carry this show’s name and concept via social media, the show’s promotional website, and other online resources, complementing traditional broadcast and print media outlets.

His accomplishments include placing websites at the top of search engine results time after time. Dan is also one of the go-to people for myriad production roles, with experience in sound engineering, set construction and set design and management. He is a “serial entrepreneur,” with dozens of successful enterprises on his resume

Jason Fink



Bucks County Technical School: Computer Maintenance Full Sail Real World Education: Digital Media Major Jason has worked in a number of fields in the entertainment business. He is also an recognized photographer winning the editors choice award from the website.

His schooling gave him a strong understanding of the fundamentals and importance of creative perspective. He has worked in Set Design, 3D modeling, Digital Media Assembly, Sound, lighting, as well as shooting and editing for short films and music videos.

Billie Noakes



Owner of the subscription copywriting service Linked For Success, is the scriptwriter for CONDO COPS. She has more than twenty years of television production experience, covering studio and field production in everything from commercial spots to full-length documentaries.

Her skills encompass concept, scripting, storyboarding, and post-production editing. Billie has an equally well-rounded career as a writer, from authoring children’s books to editing local newspapers and music magazines, and writing medical and business marketing articles, as well as original stories for her work as a professional storyteller.

Curtis Graham

Director of Photography


Raised in a Photographic family, Curtis started taking pictures at age 15. He attended Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, which started a career in Advertising Photography. Curtis has won many accolades for his work in advertising including: N.Y. Art Director Award, Norma Award, National Addys, and Clio Award. His work has appeared in many national publications such as: Town & Country, Esquire, W, Print, and Communication Arts.

His career in Advertising led to doing Commercials for his Clients as a Director/Cameraman. Curtis went on to Attend The American Film Institute. At AFI Curtis received the Mary Pickford Award Scholarship. His Master Thesis film the “The Blue Men” starring Estelle Parsons went on to receive a Emmy, Academy Award and Focus Award.

It is listed as one of the most award winning shorts of 1990. This started Curtis to pursue Narrative work as Director/Director of Photography Curtis Graham’s Feature Resume is as varied as his Commercial career. From films such as “ Oneiric”, “Father Eddy”, “Misconceptions”, “Prime of your Life”, “The Glass Window”, “ The Investigator” to the PBS Documentaries “John & Mable Ringling”, “Silent Majority” and 100s of Commercials for advertising clients around the world.

Curtis has created a diverse body of work as Director/Cinematographer. Curtis has a new feature, filmed in Nigeria coming out this year titled “OLIOBIRI”. It recently won The African Oscar for Best Picture. Curtis has been an adjunct professor teaching Cinematography and Directing at University of Tampa, Southeastern University – Lakeland Fl.

Miriam Goodspeed



An award-winning professional news writer, editor and columnist, Condo Cops writer Miriam Goodspeed is also a screenwriter with nine short films and documentaries written and produced by her. She is experienced in copy writing, advertorials and business features for various business and local magazines and is a script analyst for several national script writing contests.

Miriam has won numerous national awards for her scripts, nonfiction and fiction writing skills. she is currently the newsletter editor of Florida Film Network’s Above The Line and sits on its Board.

Mike Barnitt



Mike’s been a sound man since the late seventies and has worked on documentaries, features, commercials, industrials, etc. He’s kept up with changing technology and enjoys giving the cleanest tracks possible. He came from mono analog tape recording and has graduated to ten tracks of digital on a little card. It’s still the same in the end result…clean sound.

He is the President of Bilagaana Recording Co.

Mike graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA, Mass Com/Film.

He enjoys the adventure part of film-making and has been to Africa, Alaska, South America, Mexico and the Northwest, plus a month at the Titanic working on films.

He likes the outdoors and spends as much time as possible there.