Episode 1

The Golf Cart Drunk

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Episode 2

Resident Poops in the Hallways

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Episode 3

Russian Guy Gone Mad

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Episode 4

Voodoo Lady

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Episode 5

Toilet on His Front Porch

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Episode 6

Eaten by an Alligator

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Episode 7

Naked Santa

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The Deed Restrictions, Rules, and Regulations protect the residents in each condo community, as well as the overall value of the owners’ units. Most of these rules are simply about courtesy and common sense. These condo documents are legally binding agreements that are part of the paperwork you get when you buy a condo. You agree to abide by them or the sale is off.

They cover things like disrupting your neighbors’ peace and tranquility, swimming pool etiquette, and letting your guests park in a neighbor’s assigned space. The industry estimates that about five percent of condo residents actually cause problems. When someone breaks the rules, the Property Managers (Condo Cops) are called upon to deal with it and keep the peace!

Florida has an abundance of condos: it’s likely the nation’s condo capital. Ameri-Tech Community Management, owned by Executive Producer Mike Perez, manages about 30,000 units in the Tampa Bay area. That’s a lot of units. A lot of opportunities for outrageous stories. We’ve been keeping these amazing dramas to ourselves for too long. We just had to create a reality show and share them with you.