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The three stars of Condo Cops have worked together in real life for a long time. Together, they manage over 25,000 condo households in the Clearwater area.  You can imagine the “chemistry” this trio has after working together for many years, dealing with the routine, the strange, and the frightening things that can happen in the communities they manage.

Mike Perez

Mike Perez, founder of the Ameri-Tech Group (Ameri-Tech Realty, Ameri-Tech Property Management, and Ameri-Tech Companies) is the Executive Producer of CONDO COPS, and one of its primary cast members. His is the task of handling the daily conflicts of condo life, from the humorous, to the heart-breaking, to the downright horrifying. He has more than twenty-five years’ experience in property management and entrepreneurship, and his real-world experiences form the basis of the stories re-enacted for CONDO COPS. Mike is an expert marketer with a proven track record in business start-up and growth. Since 1985, he has been a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and Instructor, and a licensed Florida Community Association Manager. With more than 25,000 units under management in the Tampa Bay area, Mike brings plenty of grist for the CONDO COPS production mill!

Darleen DePoalo

Darleen DePoalo, a Florida licensed real estate broker and seasoned property manager who has owned real estate companies since 2005. Darleen is also a film actress who was discovered by the late Karen Black and cast in the movie “Zits” in the 1990s. She also appeared on the reality TV show Fix This Yard. Darleen is the “wild card” of CONDO COPS, bringing not only a compassionate understanding of the situations that pit condominium residents against their neighbors and condo association, but also a firm grasp of the practical realities of multi-family living and shared ownership of common grounds. Hers is the task of balancing compassion with common sense.

Mike Guju

Michael J. Guju, an attorney licensed in Florida, Michigan, and (inactive) Ohio, is the Association Attorney for the Ameri-Tech Group, and plays this role in the CONDO COPS cast. It is “Guj” who interprets and applies a condominium association’s legal documents and Rules and Regulations, bringing his legal expertise to bear on the situations that the show’s two property managers face every day. Guj has 26 years’ experience in real estate and business law, mortgages, real estate title insurance and closings, and contracts. He also has a high profile in the community, serving as a director for several area companies. He is the owner and developer of various commercial and residential properties.